Letters-July 31, 2019


‘Message to Sen. Cardin: Clean Anti-Semitism Out of the Dems’

If [U.S. Senator Ben] Cardin is serious about confronting anti-Semitism, he doesn’t have far to look. (“Senator Cardin Re-Appointed as OSCE Special Representative on Anti-Semitism, 7/28). The vast majority of American Jew-haters are in his own Democreep party, including a too large for comfort number of the members of Congress. Start there, Senator.

Shmuel Gorenstein – Pikesville


Senator, how can you not condemn AOC and her 3 anti-Semitic comrades? Isn’t that what you are supposed to do? As someone who greatly respected Shoshana Cardin, I expected much more from you.

Susan Pruce Luskin – Hollywood, Florida


[Senator] Cardin, you are a big disappointment. If you truly were fighting against anti- Semitism, why have you not formed a coalition against the anti-Semitic squad in Congress? It’s time you found your voice when it means something!

Janet David – Baltimore


REALLY? When did [Senator] Cardin denounce ANTIFA? Didn’t he vote to give money to Arab terrorists?

Zev-Velvel Griner – Truth or Consequences, New Mexico


Blatant and virulent anti-Semitism is on full display by some Democrats in the U.S. Congress and by not denouncing it, Senator Cardin is condoning it.

Lynn Greene – Baltimore


Most respectfully, if I may ask, why do my Jewish brethren keep voting for candidates of a political party that despises them?

William G. Hotz, Jr. – Abingdon


We must act together and responsibly to put an end to this. I, however, have no concrete ideas. It’s frustrating. I want to do something. Any ideas out there?

Mike Magin – Boca Raton, Florida

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