Letters | June 21, 2019


Father Honored by Tanenbaum

I was delighted to read Susan C. Ingram’s article “Confronting Hate” (June 14) dealing with Rabbi Marc Tanenbaum’s life, which started on Light Street. I had the pleasure of meeting Rabbi Tanenbaum on May 20, 1964, when he spoke at a Tamudical Academy Alumni Association’s First Reunion Dinner in honor of my father, Simon L. Isaacson, and his 35 years as principal and Dean of the Secular Department.

Rabbi Tanenbaum was a student of my father and in his tribute he spoke of how “we were sons of immigrants and Mr. Isaacson showed us the the way to be professional men, good citizens, to make a contribution to our country as well as being good educated Jews. He was our role model — a lawyer, educator and a dedicated Jew.”

My father’s “boys,” now men of distinction, never forgot his influence on their lives and remained his friends.

Elaine Isaacson Katzen



Wolf Estate Brings Back Memories

Thank you for the article about Baltimore Hebrew and The Wolf Estate home that became a part of the congregation’s history (“L’Dor Va’Dor,” May 31). Harry B. Wolf was my grandfather. My father and his three brothers grew up in that house. I heard lots of stories about life as it was then. My family has been dedicated to Reform Judaism for centuries and proud of our Jewish connections. We fought in every war in support of the USA, beginning with the American Revolution and continuing today to serve in the Armed Forces. We Jews have fought and died disproportionately in number to defend this country that gives us the right to worship in our faith.

Susan Wolf Dudley


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