Letters | March 1, 2019


Time Is Running Out for GND

The editorial “The Folly of the Green New Deal” (Feb. 22) says “take a step back and consider a more measured, realistic and workable approach toward GND.” Don’t take too long. We’ve delayed action for so many years now that we now have only a decade left to prevent runaway, “catastrophic” global warming, which would result in “global economic collapse” followed by “societal collapse,” according to the National Climate Assessment.

The Green New Deal will create millions of good-paying, permanent, local, clean-energy jobs. It has overwhelming support from voters in both parties. This an idea whose time has finally come.

Saying the GND is too expensive is like saying lifeboats for the Titanic are too expensive, but we can pay for the GND with a bill already in Congress, HR 7173, the Energy and Carbon Dividend Act. It will tax fossil fuel corporations out of existence and give all the tax money to the taxpayers in equal monthly “carbon dividend” checks, adding $75-80 billion annually to our GNP. Canada has done it for a decade.

There has been a lot of misinformation spread by its opponents about what’s in the GND, which is, so far, simply a list of goals in a non-binding resolution. I’d suggest reading about what’s the in GND yourself. And no, cows, cars and planes won’t be banned, and things like medical insurance will undoubtedly be handled in separate bills, as happened with parts of the original New Deal.

But time is running out. We need to get the Green New Deal and Carbon Dividends passed by February 2022. That’s plenty of time to sort out the details in final legislation.

Lynn Goldfarb, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Why Do Jews Vote for Democrats?

A gentile friend of mine said he cannot understand why the Jewish people predominantly vote for the Democratic Party, and frankly, as a Jew, I don’t either (“The Democrats Are Not the Enemy,” Feb. 1).

Ex-President Obama was certainly no friend of Israel, and all the anti-Semitic remarks and innuendos of today are coming from the Democratic Party.

On the other hand, President Trump is a strong supporter of Israel and the Jewish people. He recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moved our embassy there. Other presidents promised to do that, but never did.

The only reason I can think of as to why our Jewish people are voting Democratic is that their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents voted as Democrats. Times have changed. The Democratic Party of today is not the same as the Democratic Party of yesteryear.

I hope the Jewish population of today wakes up, as I did, to the realization that the Democrats are no friends of Israel or the Jewish people.

M. Pritzker, Baltimore

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