Letters | March 29, 2019


In Control of Our Death

We are kinder to our beloved animals than we were to our humans (“Rabbinical Council: Termination of Life Off Limits,” March 22).

Let’s remember, the Jewish religion did not accept female rabbis, until it did. It’s time to move into the 21st century and allow the terminally ill to have a say in end-of-life issues.

The person would need to be competent, there would need to be between one to three months of life left, and two physicians would have to agree with the end-of-life decision.

We deserve to be in control of our death, so we may leave this earth in a peaceful way.

Lana J. Fink


Ominous Developments

Regarding the March 15 article “Understanding Omar,” there are ominous developments for Jewish Americans. For a few months, there have been heated discussions on the floor of Congress concerning anti-Semitic comments made by a Muslim Democratic congresswoman who accused Jewish Americans of loyalty to a foreign country and buying off politicians. Even more ominous is that this member of Congress is supported by many Democrats. That Jewish Americans should need defending in Congress is appalling.

Those opposing this anti-Semitic rhetoric are in danger of being accused of stoking Islamophobia, a stigma no politician wants. But Republicans and even some Democrats are defending Jewish Americans from these slanders. We are not alone, but in Congress and in the court of public opinion, Jewish Americans are losing.

It is important to know about the candidates in each election. This might be one factor to consider in deciding which candidates to vote for. Where do they stand on this and other issues? The only way to fight back is to vote out of office those senators and congressmen who either promulgate anti-Semitism or who support those who do.

Gary Koplowitz


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