Letters | May 31, 2019


JT 100th Anniversary Event: ‘Diary of Anne Frank’

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the reception and special performance of “The Diary Of Anne Frank.” This production recognized the Greater Baltimore cultural institutions that participate in “Baltimore’s Spring of Remembrance” and to honor the 100th anniversary of the Baltimore Jewish Times. It was moving, mesmerizing and intense. I was totally immersed in this beautifully performed play, and a week later, the memories linger and I am still pondering its significance.

Prior to the show, I had the incredible experience of a virtual reality tour. This was accomplished through the use of a Oculus VR headset which allowed me to “walk through” three-dimensional spaces that re-created the Secret Annex where Anne Frank and seven others were in hiding for two years. (NOTE: Rome created a short video of the evening which is posted on jewishtimes.com)

Margaret Rome


Vegan Comparison to Holocaust? Think Again

I was highly offended by the article “Should Jews Be Vegan?” (JT 5/24). I do not object to Jamie Cohen choosing a vegan lifestyle. I do not object to proselytizing for a vegan lifestyle, by the writer or by the management of the Jewish Times. As the expression goes, some of my best friends are vegan.

However, using the Holocaust as an allegory advancing animal rights is offensive to the memory of those millions who died for merely being Jews, Gypsies or gay. The uniqueness of the Holocaust was that Jews were killed merely for existing. The vast majority of Jews did not die working in camps for the benefit of the Nazis. Jews were simply rounded up and murdered immediately, in fields, ghettos and death camps. The objective was to deny them existence and purpose.

There was no need to bring in Holocaust imagery to raise the consciousness of your readers. It was gratuitous and hateful. If a non-Jew made this odious comparison in the national press, every organization from the ADL to the Holocaust Museum would be speaking out against such a desecration of the memory of those whose graves do not exist.

Shame on the Jewish Times and the writer for trying to advance a legitimate point of view by denigrating the memory of six million Jews.

Alan Abramowitz


Wrong Target on Immigration Problems

Last week’s lead JT editorial, “We Need Immigration Leadership” (JT 5/24) got the title right but pointed the finger at the wrong target. Issues with President Trump’s supposed character flaws and past history aside (and, by the way, the other presidential candidates are at least as character flawed), he has actually done an excellent job of leading this country to economic prosperity, with unprecedented employment opportunities and wages for minorities and women. President Trump has also led this country to energy independence, reduced taxes, turned around the trend of losing domestic manufacturing, increased consumer confidence and a host of other accomplishments – most of which you will never know about as the sycophantic media refuses to say or print anything positive about Trump.

On the other side, the Democratic Congress and leadership has been laser-focused on taking down Trump, rather than actually governing, solely for their own political gains and at the expense of Americans at large. The Trump administration has advwanced proposal after proposal as well as interim funding measures, with no support or alternative proposals from Congress. It’s time for the Democrats to exhibit some leadership and start working with their Republican counterparts on policies and programs that help us.

Sonny Taragin
Mt. Washington, Maryland

Best Laugh of the Week

I almost fell off my chair laughing as I was perusing the JT’s “Best of 2019” listings. Under Legal Services, you list as a finalist “Dewey, Cheatum & Howe.” Say it out loud and I guarantee you will laugh as well. Someone pulled a fast one on the Jewish Times. How funny would it be if this “law firm” actually won!

Deborah Hamburger


Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Rabbi Schusterman’s column (“Can’t We All Just Get Along?” JT 5/24) rightly emphasizes that “Loving your fellow is not enough. We must also respect our differences even if we do not understand them.” And avers that “the Lubavitcher Rebbe embodied this in his interaction with many Jewish leaders with whom he had differences of opinion.”

Not quite. As regards Jewish unity, R. Schneerson rejected the legitimacy of non-Orthodox Jewish denominations (especially their clergy) and even the kashrut of the non-Lubavitch Orthodox. Meddling in Israel’s internal affairs, R. Schneerson – from his perch in America – was the behind-the-scenes mastermind of the Israeli Knesset’s 1989 “Who is a Jew?” legislation and campaign aimed at delegitimizing the Reform and Conservative movements. It was Baltimore’s own Shoshana Cardin, z”l, who spearheaded the successful push-back to defeat this invidious initiative.

There is also Chabad-Lubavitch’s long-standing administrative practice of poaching members (especially wealthy ones) from neighboring synagogues; its routine flouting of zoning regulations; and its modus operandi on college campuses of competing with Hillel instead of partnering with it.

Rachmiel Gottlieb


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