Letters – October 16, 2019


The Triple Crown of Rabbis

In response to “Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg to Retire” (Sept. 13, 2019):

I remember many years ago I was in the audience and Larry King was following Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg’s typically brilliant, hilarious speech. King, searching for words, began his speech with, “When I die, I want the rabbi to do my eulogy.” I also remember many years ago the great Johnny Carson retiring from The Tonight Show after 30 years.
For me, this feels just like that. You always thought Johnny and Rabbi Wohlberg would always be there, and you realize how lucky you were to have him as long as you did. Through my catering company I have had the good fortune of knowing Rabbi Wohlberg for 30 years. Whether hearing his sermons in person, or reading them online, I was always comforted by his words, his heart, his brilliance. Not only was he the best speaker I have ever heard, but his words and his delivery are unmatched by anyone, anywhere.

He is the triple crown of rabbis.

Alan Weiss, Owings Mills




Upset Over Perceived Disrespect

The article written by Jesse Berman (“WRECK Room Destructotherapy Welcomes You to Rage Against the (Literal) Machine,” Oct. 4, 2019) glorifies the WRECK Room Destructotherapy that is operated by Aaron Polun. In the article the author writes:

“… the facility also features plates, beer bottles, martini glasses and an assortment of other objects that customers are encouraged to obliterate using one of the tools at their disposal, including a baseball bat, a golf club and a sledgehammer … Visitors also can purchase a number of figurines of several different controversial political figures (I was told that, with every purchase of a Donald Trump bust, a donation would be made to the ACLU).”

Reminder: Donald J. Trump is the president of the United States of America, elected by the people, the father of a daughter who is Jew by choice, and the grandfather of Jewish grandchildren.

What sick and hateful minds! It is reprehensible for Jewish Times to publish such an article! In Nazi Germany these would have been Jewish heads. Jewish Times owes an apology to Jewish people.

Joshua Tsitlik, Columbia

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