Letters – October 31, 2019


Righteous Support
Tenufa Bakehila was thrilled to receive support from Righteous Crowd (“Getting Clarity About Giving Charity,” Oct. 18, 2019). Funds from Righteous Crowd will help us continue our mission of renovating homes for needy populations in Israel. Kol hakavod to all the philanthropic organizations who help alleviate poverty throughout the world!
Kally Kislowicz, Tenufah Bakehila Development Coordinator


Sukkah City Delight
Loved your delightful piece in the JT about Sukkah City (“Festival Harvests the Joy of Sukkot,” by Carolyn Conte, Oct. 18, 2019)! My favorite lines of all were the adorable quotes from the couple celebrating their anniversary!
Bracha Goetz

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