Letters (Sept. 20, 2019)


Giving Recognition Where It Is Due

May I thank you on behalf of my wife Noa’s cousin, Miguel Grausz, for keenly capturing the essences of the commemorative event held at the Edward A. Myerberg Center on September 5, 2019 in tribute to American Armed Forces that rescued and liberated Miguel’s late mother, Esther Pasternack Grausz, from the Nazis who continued their tyrannical tyranny even as World War II was ending. When reading the title of your article “Gratitude Lives On” (Sept. 6, 2019), the 2015 one-word book title “Gratitude” by the late renowned neurologist Oliver Sacks sprinted to mind.

Please include recognition of the gifts of the following individuals’ time, heart and minds, the spontaneity of their readiness to pitch in and make this endeavor reach fruition: Niki Barr, Jeanette Parmigiani, Howard Libit, Yehuda Neuberger, Esq, Abba Poliakoff, Rabbi Chesky Tenenbaum, Elliott Goldberg, Matt Peterson, Mark Langrehr, Stephen Langrehr, and Noa.

Dr. Manny Goldman

Local Celebrity Becomes Local Celebrity

I have been sharing the JT from July 26th featuring me on the cover ( with so many people in so many settings, from Ateaze to Bykota to Sagamore Pendry, and to friends from California to Florida, Georgia to Delaware and it’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys. On my walks in Fell’s Point, I “Jay Walk” (see Jay Leno online for the reference) and carry the JT with me. The millennials who have moved into and fallen in love with these old waterfront neighborhoods show their parents around, and when they meet me they learn about the JT.

As I told a group yesterday on Thames, this is so much fun it has to be illegal. You provided an old lady with a smile a mile wide. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Please tell [writer] Erica Rimlinger and the JT staff thanks for a million smiles. And my grateful thanks to you for reading and for
carrying this message.

Zippy Larson

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