Letters to the Editor: April 1


Jews Did Seek Vengeance

Regarding “Holocaust Foundation Head Tells Amazon to Drop ‘Hunters’” (The Seen, March 20): Stephen Smith is incorrect that Jews did not seek vengeance. Right after World War II, Jewish American and Allied soldiers who had all the records were tracking down and assassinating Nazi killers hiding all over Germany. It is well documented in Howard Blum’s book, “The Brigade.”

Yes, we didn’t gas them, but we did take them out of their homes and churches into the woods to execute them without trial. I don’t know why Smith needs to attack a fictional show based on an alternate reality that also shows the Jewish Hunters saving millions of lives from poisoned corn sweeteners.

After World War II, some Jews took it upon themselves to seek vengeance on Nazi murderers. The show mirrors the same plot. We should not hide from this truth of the Brigade nor should we attack Amazon for a fictional story. How about demanding that “Man in the High Castle” and the “Plot Against America” also be censored? That is the true slippery slope.

From Michael Stein, Potomac


Democrats, Arise!

So sad that a majority of my fellow Jews continue to blindly follow the Democratic Party.

This despite the rising anti-Semitism, anti-Israel, and pro-BDS movement taking place across the Democratic party regulars. This is in addition to economic and financial policies that clearly should put Jews in the GOP fold. Jews need to migrate in mass to the GOP.

From Brad Botwin, Rockville

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