Letters to the Editor: April 10


Democrats Should Stay Right Where They Are

Mr. Botwin, do you not realize the reason for the increase in anti-Semitism is due to the man in the White House who said, to paraphrase, “there are good people on both sides,” has disparaged people of all races, doesn’t like the “rapists and murderers coming from Mexico.” I could go on (“Democrats, Arise!, April 3).

So, you want the Jews to change parties and follow a party of wimps who are afraid to challenge the man in the White House, who has lied over 16,000 times, is a climate denier, and so of course said the virus affected 15 people and will disappear, has no idea what he is doing from one day to the next, and only cares about his reelection and himself?

Tell me sir, where can I sign up to be part of the Party of Trump?
From Lana Fink, Reisterstown


Another Side to Hasidism

Satmar Hasidic life is antithetical to everything that a modern “liberal” Jew knows, lives, or even understands (“Netflix’s ‘Unorthodox’ Is Exactly What We Need Right Now,” April 3).

As frozen in time and space as these people may be to most of us, there was a certain poignancy the production evoked in the scene in which one of the elder members reminded Etsy that reliance on others during the Shoah resulted in the near destruction of Jews and that withdrawing into their community and their practices would preserve and protect them.

From Alan Fink, Mt. Washington


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