Letters to the editor: April 15


Metaphor bashing

Solomon Stevens (“The Holocaust is not a metaphor,” Opinions, April 8) violates his own complaint by hijacking the issue as a pretext to bash the political right. While his statement is valid, the abuse occurs on the left and the right and everything in between. It’s unfortunate that Stevens diminishes his point by focusing on bashing the right only. What about the recent comments by Ukrainian President Zelensky? Does he get a free pass?

Sonny Taragin



Oh, the irony!

What irony! On the same page that the JT praises “Zelensky’s inspiring leadership” for its “courage, strength and purpose,” it ends its discussion of the pending Iran deal with a worse than timid “If Congress approves the deal, so be it.” It is well known that the most obvious flaws in the original agreement (engineered by the Obama-Biden administration and opposed back then even by Schumer) were the ultimate expiration of the ban on nuclear weapons development and the lack of any restriction on Iran’s continuing sponsorship of terror or any renunciation of its demand for the extermination of Israel. It is also well known that Iran has made it perfectly clear that it will reject out of hand any attempt to close those loopholes. That rejection comes from a position of strength given its support by Russia that, after centuries of trying, finally got a firm foothold in the Middle East and the Med via the invitation by the same Obama-Biden administration to “solve” the Syrian chemical weapons debacle (the red line that the administration had drawn in the sand and then backed away from). So it is pretty clear that there is really no uncertainty at all about any agreement that may be forthcoming. If it actually materializes (and it is only the tragedy of Ukraine that might yet prevent it), it will leave those flaws intact and possibly, via widely reported leaks from the negotiations, withdraw sanctions from some of the world’s worst terrorists, among other possible, equally disastrous mistakes.

Zelensky has turned out to be the “hero or sage” that has arisen in our generation. Unfortunately for us, he is in Ukraine, not here!

Jeff Knisbacher

Bradenton, FL


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