Letters to the editor: April 16


Jordanian was the aggressor

Your March 26 editorial “Don’t Forget Jordan” called on the Israeli and American governments to do something to make up for the alleged insults that Jordan has suffered in recent years.

Among the examples, you wrote that “Jordan is still smarting from a 2017 incident in which an Israeli security guard killed two Jordanians while responding to a terrorist attack at the Israeli Embassy in Amman.” That made it sound as if the Israeli acted with negligence or recklessness and killed two innocent Jordanian bystanders. But that’s not what happened at all.

On July 23, 2017, a young Jordanian man, Mohammed Jawawdeh, was admitted to an Israeli Embassy apartment in Amman for carpentry work, along with the Jordanian landlord. Jawawdeh stabbed an Israeli security guard in the back, twice, with a screwdriver. As the Israeli guard fell forward, his gun discharged, striking the Jordanian landlord. Jawawdeh then stabbed the guard again, this time in the chest. The guard shot him dead.

Jordan is smarting from the incident? The Jordanians should have been apologizing to Israel for the terrorist attack and paying compensation to the guard for his injuries. Israel does not owe Jordan any apologies or concessions. The Jordanian Jawawdeh was the aggressor; it is he — and anyone who helped him in any way — who bore full responsibility for what happened.

Moshe Phillips

Herut North America (U.S. Division) – The Jabotinsky Movement National Director


Recognize biblical women

Isn’t it about time rabbis who sermonize every Saturday start sharing the extraordinary role women of the Bible contributed to Jewish life? It is shameful that this has been ignored for far too long (“Doug Emhoff hosts the White House’s first online Passover seder,” April 2).

Lana Fink



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