Letters to the editor: April 2


Bet Chaverim is here

The 75 families of Howard County’s 8-year-old Bet Chaverim Congregation, a full-service Conservative congregation with a successful and growing religious school, were surprised when the JT printed that another shul was the county’s sole Conservative congregation (“Pandemic brings ‘sister shuls’ closer,” March 12.) The JT should know better, having covered Bet Chaverim’s activities in the past including our Chocolate Seder, Rabbi Kim Blumenthal’s Shabbat insights, our services under the stars each summer prior to COVID-19 and more. Of course, we’re listed in the JT’s Guide to Jewish Life as well.

Phil Rogofsky

President, Bet Chaverim Congregation


Israel’s vaccine responsibility

Sonny Taragin’s letter is off-base (“The letter of the Oslo agreements,” March 19). According to David Kretzmer, Hebrew University professor emeritus of international law, Oslo II does not absolve Israel, as occupying power, of responsibility for obtaining vaccines, but simply consigns the task of administering them to the Palestinian Authority. Pathogens do not recognize geographical boundaries.

Brad Shaw


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