Letters to the editor: April 22


The left’s zero-sum game

Bills attacking LGBTQ rights are an assault on Jewish values” (March 25) is yet another example of the left’s zero-sum game. The authors would surely propose my children in public schools use the same bathroom, same locker room and who knows what else as others who identify as the same gender of them, rather than those who actually are the same biological gender.

The article notes that “all students [should] have access to … safe learning environments.” But what about my children, whom I lay awake at night worrying about how to keep safe? In a world where the zero-sum game creeps into all aspects of life.

The article ends noting that LGBTQ youth should “be able to live with safety.” I fully agree; however, radical school districts across the land put my children at risk of safety. Eroding their safety. The article, “Unintended consequences of ‘systems of oppression’ paradigm in education” on the previous page of the issue notes that any parent, just like me and others I know, are being labeled as “hate-mongers.” Why should schools “dismiss and delegitimatize parents who disagree with their anti-racism platform”? In this zero-sum game we find ourselves in, either you support every single radical view and accommodation or you are wrong. Period, end of story.

Sheila Schwartz


Online comments

Regarding “Passover foods with fiber — is that even possible?” (April 8): I was surprised by the chicken soup recipe including 5 chicken bouillon soup cubes plus kosher salt to taste. That’s an enormous amount of sodium added to chicken that’s been kashered. So much processed food includes loads of salt, and I believe it dulls our ability to taste it, requiring even more to be added. I have switched to no added salt foods, as much as possible. Comparing standard recipe vegetables, such as canned tomatoes, to no salt added canned tomatoes displays the higher quality of the NSA product. One comes with time to be able to taste the vegetables themselves. I just wonder how many milligrams, or grams, of sodium is in each serving of the chicken vegetable soup published in this issue.

Jonathan Finkelstein


Regarding “Inflation hits Passover seders” (April 8): My first husband’s grandfather once told me that it costs way more to keep a kosher home than a non-kosher home. But that G-d would always make sure that you earned the difference to keep that mitzvah. Guessing that it will apply to the kosher for Passover food this year. (My home has been kosher since I had my first home in 1973.)

Susan Pruce Luskin

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