Letters to the editor: April 23


‘Challah!’ and me

Thank you so much for the article about “Challah!” and me (“Local grandmother, inspired by grandson’s first word, writes ‘Challah!’” April 2). A couple of things: I want to give full credit to Harriet Cohen Helfand for being the primary writer of “And There Was Evening, And There Was Morning,” as it was her initial idea and manuscript, which I subsequently co-authored. Importantly, I was the designer and illustrator. We were extremely fortunate to have found a publisher for our book; the difficulty for me was delivering a fully designed book to a publishing house. This was highly unusual and very challenging to negotiate. Most important, to purchase “Challah!” contact me directly at ellen@ekzcreative.com or on lulu.com.

Ellen Kahan Zager



Good deeds, anytime

I had to go somewhere recently and experienced an incident of outstanding honesty. After parking at a garage, the attendant told me what the price would be based on the hours I needed. I returned earlier than that time to retrieve my car and he only charged me for the specific time I was out. No one was watching and he certainly could have charged me the original price. Experiences like this highlight man’s reach and how good deeds can be done based on one’s own personal volition (“For Good Deeds Day, community members do good throughout Baltimore,” April 16).

Steven Genack

Clifton, N.J.

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