Letters to the Editor: April 24


We Must Be in Touch With Collective Trauma

Being a therapist and from a different culture, I really think and feel that survivors’ experiences need to be documented or videotaped, for those who feel comfortable to share, because we are assuming that it might go away after few generations (“Inherited Trauma: When Tragedy is Part of Your Family History,” April 17).

But so many symptoms and behaviors are coming in the current generation that are related to survival, and many don’t even know how to connect with those behaviors. My observation: feeling comfortable bare foot, being in fight or flight mode though there is no real danger, hoarding (as mentioned in the article). Though those experiences of survivors are painful to revisit, we need to be in touch with collective trauma for greater healing for future generations.

My healing thoughts to the greater community!

Bharati Devkota from Pikesville

Thoughts Amid the Coronavirus

I am very tired of being tired. I want to be with and hug my loved ones. I want to be able to go outside my property lines. I want everyone to be safe from this horrendous plague. I am so thankful for all on the “front lines” in every capacity. I am thankful for the computer and the telephone and all the basic essentials. I am thankful for friends and relatives who are in my life and for checking up on each other.

I am cheerful and hopeful. My nails (which I never had growing up because I played sports) are longer and stronger than ever, my hair is turning silver, and I am eating myself into oblivion. Days do not even need names anymore, other than knowing what is on TV on any given day.

Other than watching a world I do not recognize anymore, I pray for us all to come out of this kinder, more thoughtful, healthier, happier, and whole.

Life as we know it will never be the same; however, people will fall back into their normal routines because we take so much for granted.

Realize that not one bullet has been fired, but the United States is being brought to its knees. This is a viral warfare and we must conquer it.

I am tired of hearing “We are in this together.” I want all of us fighting this together.

I am grateful for being. G-d bless and be safe.

Sandy Rose Sacki from Owings Mills

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