Letters to the editor: Aug. 13


When we can’t be out there

With all of the negative things that are coming out of COVID-19, I must say that the one good thing is the great publicity and coverage that staff writer Jesse Berman, editor Selah Maya Zighelboim and the JT have given Kappa Guild covering our virtual tours, meetings and pictures of our driveup dinner fundraisers during these past almost 20 months (“Kappa Guild is built on lasting friendships,” Aug. 6). You are keeping us “out there” when we can’t be out there.

Sheila Mentz

Kappa Guild president


Never again

The two women on the cover of the July 16 issue, Caren Leven and Adi Ratzon, were a great inspiration (“Demonstrators ‘keep the flame’ at DC rally against antisemitism”). Thank goodness they are speaking about antisemitism here in the U.S. and around the world. Never again must we ever face another Holocaust, and we must bring attention to this problem.

Beatrice Shapiro


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