Letters to the Editor: Aug. 21


Lebanon and Israel

In his op-ed piece, “How to Help a Failed State?” (Aug. 14) Jonathan Tobin laments that in Lebanon, “the determinative factor in defining civil and communal life” are “ethnic and religious war.” Israel’s military in the 1980s invaded Lebanon twice in failed efforts to set up “a minority Maronite dictatorship, backed by Israel” (“The Passionate Attachment: America’s Involvement with Israel, 1947 to the Present,” by George W Ball & Douglas B. Ball).

Why did Israel make war upon a neighboring state? David Ben-Gurion answers in a May 24, 1948 diary entry, writing “the weak link in the Arab Coalition is Lebanon. Muslim rule is artificial and easy to undermine. A Christian state must be established whose southern border will be the Litani. We shall sign a treaty with it.” On June 11, 1948, Ben-Gurion wrote, “in the Galilee, the main enemy is Lebanon and Syria and our aim is to hit Beirut and to rouse the Christians.” (“Diligent Diarist” by Benny Morris – review of David Ben-Gurion’s Diaries, The Jerusalem Post, April 22 1984).

From Richard Cook, Cockeysville


No to Harris

Harris failed to rebuke Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitism (“Here’s What Jewish Voters Should Know About Kamala Harris,” Aug. 14), and when it came time to vote against BDS she chose to abstain from the vote instead of voting against it. Reinstating the Iran nuclear deal is only as good as you can trust Iran to comply, so big no to that.

From Ted Stern, Park Heights


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