Letters to the editor: Dec. 18


John Kerry the perfect choice?

Your description of former secretary of state, senator and presidential candidate John Kerry’s uninspiring record of accomplishments leaves one to wonder why anyone should choose him to lead anything. The final comment summarizes neatly my view of Kerry since he first made his name as a critic of the Vietnam War after serving there: a man who looks like he is trying hard, but won’t actually get anything done.

If that means he will not be able to get America to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement, he will prove to be a perfect choice. That agreement was never really about climate control, it was about redistribution of resources, with America, as usual, providing generously.

Stanley Orman



Worse than ‘fails to excite’

The mainstream media’s reluctance to criticize President-elect Joe Biden seems to still be at play. For example, the worst term that the Jewish Times could find to criticize a horrible cabinet choice by Biden was “fails to excite” (“Biden’s first picks,” Dec. 4). Leaving aside some issues with other picks, Kerry’s choice as the climate change czar is a head-scratcher as Kerry has a long lifestyle history of using private jets and yachts for travel, hardly the role model for whatever this newly created position is supposed to do.

Sonny Taragin


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