Letters to the Editor: December 16


Two different locations, but great article on Y-Love
I wanted to correct that the new Baltimore Orioles’ Stadium, Camden Yards, was built in 1992, and that Memorial Stadium was demolished in 2002 (Arts, “Black, Jewish and gay: Rapper Y-Love speaks about Jews of Color, reacts to Kyrie and Kanye,” Dec. 2).
These are two separate places. The author, it seems, simply forgot to add “at the old location” when referring to locale in his story.

I think Y-Love used to live behind Memorial Stadium and that’s the applause he would hear when the Orioles played there before Camden Yards was built downtown.

I love Y-Love’s work, by the way. Feature him more! I’ll share the article with the Jews of Color Mishpacha Project.


In the “Rejuvenating the Chanukah House” (Last Word, Dec. 9), there was an error in reference to the late father of David Hefter. Throughout his life, Seymour (“Sy”) Hefter was “deeply religious and was blessed to practice his love of Judaism
with his career in social work,” said his son.

Also, the order of the adult Hefter children is as follows: Stephanie; Amy and Zev, and their 6-month-old son Mark; Daniel; and Rebecca and Elliot.

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