Letters to the Editor: December 9


Now is not the time to turn our backs on Ukraine
Joseph Schvimmer (Letters, “No reason to rush into war with Russia,” Nov. 25) is right to remind us of the dark history of anti-Semitism in Ukraine, including pogroms and Ukrainian complicity in the murder of 1 million Jews during World War II.

But geopolitics is complicated. Think back to Nazi Germany and its role in the murder of 6 million Jews and consider what happened in post-war Europe. During the Cold War, Russia imposed a blockade on West Berlin, and it was only the Berlin Airlift carried out by the United States and Britain that saved the city. Today, Germany remains one of America’s strongest NATO allies.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine has become a Democratic state and has started a new chapter in the Jewish history of the region. It is the only country outside of Israel with a Jewish president, and surveys indicate that it has one of the lowest rates of anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe.

Now is not the time to turn our back on Ukraine whose citizens, including approximately 50,000 Jews and 150,000 with Jewish ancestry, are suffering terribly. History evolves and should not always be viewed through the lens of past atrocities. Stopping aid to Ukraine will almost certainly deliver the country to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is our real enemy.


Interesting program on Kristallnacht
The talk by Ralph Brunn (Local News, “97-year-old Holocaust survivor tells family’s harrowing brush with Kristallnacht,” Nov. 18) turned out to be an interesting program. He was articulate and eloquent in recounting his experiences.

Kudos to all involved, including the Baltimore Jewish Council, The Associated: Jewish Federation of Baltimore, Holocaust Remembrance Commission and Moses Montefiore Anshe Emunah Hebrew Congregation in Baltimore, where it was held.


So much positive feedback …
It was so nice of you to reach out to me and write this story (Last Word, “Saving lives at work and off hours, Nov. 18). I’ve already received so much positive feedback from family, the fire department and friends in the Jewish community.
Thank you for your time and effort!


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