Letters to the editor: Feb. 18


Addressing social justice through education

Ever since reading your issue with “social justice” on the cover, I have been thinking about just how do I define social justice (“Leslie Margolis supports social justice at Bolton Street,” Dec. 17, 2021).

When I read the article about the new president of the Bolton Street Synagogue, the first thing that stuck out was how well educated she and her husband are. The second thing that stuck out was her commitment to social justice. She ticked the boxes of institutional racism and systemic racism.

I look at the situation from a different perspective. Instead of looking at our problems on a national level, we should be doing what needs to be done on a local level. When many high schoolers in Baltimore City Public Schools are reading at elementary school levels, that is my definition of racism. When the leadership in Baltimore’s government allows this to happen, Bolton Street people should speak out. They could sponsor or at least help a charter school. The mayor says that he is going to find jobs for the Squeegee Boys. The problem is they have been failed by the city schools and are not educated well enough to get a good job. He should be firing the leaders of the school system and making sure that they do not continue to graduate Squeegee Boys. The school system needs to hire the best people they can find regardless of race. Bolton Street Synagogue could be leaders in handling our local issues and we could have social justice through education.

Harold Mendelson



Nation State law not relevant

I found your recent editorial “Amnesty International invokes the A-word” (Feb. 11) quite disturbing. Right at the start you use the vulgar “two sides” argument, each side seemingly equal in their opprobrium. How could this be? What the focus should have only been on is that a leading, and one of the largest, human rights group has created a certifiable antisemitic document that defames Israel and the Jewish people. This document would rank with the finest of the documents that the Goebbels propaganda machine could have ever produced.

You bringing in extraneous points about Israel’s “misdeeds,” such as the Nation State law, was not the time and place and only caused to dampen the harm that this Amnesty International document has done to the Jewish people.

Zvi Schvarcz


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