Letters to the editor: Feb. 19


What about the anti-Semitism on the right?

I have perused the Letters to the Editor section of the Baltimore Jewish Times for the last couple months. In a recent letter (“Those who live in glass houses…,” Jan. 22), Sonny Taragin criticized the alleged anti-Semitism of the so-called “squad.”

All of life, including political life, is deciding between choices. On the one hand, we have this criticism of the squad. But on the other hand, we have President Donald Trump and his Republican and conservative fellow travelers.

Has anyone forgotten Charlottesville? It was there that Trump said that there were “fine people on both sides.” At Charlottesville, there were Nazis who said, “Jews will not replace us.” We also have the Jan. 6 march on our country’s “Temple of Democracy” at our nation’s capitol. One man at that riot had a shirt that said “Camp Auschwitz.”

Joseph Marcus



A little more information about caregiver support

Thank you for informing your readers about the upcoming Jewish Community Services and Maryland Association for Parkinson Support caregivers support group (“Caregiver finds support from Jewish community,” Feb. 12). Currently, MAPS sponsors a twice-a-month care partners support group led by an excellent facilitator who encourages participants to speak freely and confidentially, even on Zoom. All of us appreciate the opportunity to offer ideas and share our feelings in an open and supportive atmosphere.

Carol Sandler


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