Letters to the editor: Jan. 1


Don’t forget about those threatening phone calls

Regarding “In the face of anti-Semitism, Baltimore makes a call for action,” by Haydee M. Rodriguez (Dec. 18):

In early 2017, hundreds of bomb threats were sent from Israel to Jewish Community Centers and Jewish-affiliated schools in the U.S. Airlines were also targeted by threats. These threats caused untold trauma, fear and expense, as schools and agencies were closed, airplanes were grounded and first responders were mobilized to protect and investigate.

Two residents of Ashkelon were arrested, one person was charged. In 2018, Michael Kadar was tried in Israel, convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison for making the call. No one has been extradited by Israel to the U.S. to face charges here.

From the DOJ complaint filed in the Middle District of Florida on April 21, 2017:

“10. On January 5, 2017, KADAR used the Spoofing Company to make approximately 67 calls to facilities throughout the United States and abroad. All of the calls utilized the same Spoofing Company account. In each call, KADAR used the Spoofing Company’s voice changing function to disguise his voice to appear female. Some of these calls are summarized below:

“a. At approximately 11 :45 a.m., KADAR called Chabad South Orlando again. During the call, KADAR claimed he was coming to the school in five minutes with an AR-15 and two handguns to kill dozens of children. KADAR warned that he was going to shoot children in the head, and that there was going to be a bloodbath.

“b. At approximately 11 :48 a.m., KADAR called the North Campus of the Tampa JCC Preschool in Tampa, Florida (“Tampa JCC Preschool North”). During the call, KADAR claimed to have three handguns, and stated he was coming to the school to kill children. KADAR stated he would be in the school shortly.”

Apparently the FBI has not sought to extradite from Israel the person accused of carrying out the massive number of attacks. One would think that anti-Semitic hate-crime allegations would point toward rather than away from extradition by Israel.

Richard Cook

Hunt Valley


Not a ‘head-scratcher’

Nowhere before have I seen a letter weave so many grievances into so few words (“Worse than ‘fails to excite,’” Dec. 18). First, of course, is your standard shot at the mainstream media. (I guess the fact that Fox is as mainstream as it gets doesn’t matter.) Then a shot at the Democratic Party. John Kerry is a prototypical establishment Democrat. A little something to knock the privileged elites in their “private jets and yachts.” And finally a casual disregard for science, “whatever this newly created position is supposed to do.” The office was designed to stimulate international efforts to combat an existential threat, arguably the most important we face. And the man appointed has the diplomatic chops and connections to do that. Hardly a “head-scratcher.”

Sidney Chernick


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