Letters to the editor: Jan. 14


False equivalency

Clifford D. May’s column “Biden’s weak defense of democracy” (Dec. 31, 2021) includes several items that are pure nonsense. The one that prompted me to write this letter is his statement that “Former President Donald Trump and his most fervent supporters don’t believe he lost last year’s presidential election. Hillary Clinton and her most fervent supporters don’t believe she lost the previous presidential election.” This false equivalency is pure nonsense and it is dangerous. While millions of people in the United States believe that Trump actually won the 2020 election, I have never heard any Clinton supporters say that she actually won the 2016 presidential election. What they say is that Clinton won more of the popular vote than Trump did — which is a true statement — but they aren’t saying that the election results were rigged or that they should be overturned and the results not certified. Hillary Clinton conceded the election the next day. Trump still hasn’t conceded that he lost to Joe Biden more than a year later.

Elise S. Saltzberg


Another side to student debt

Regarding “Why aren’t American Jews talking more about student debt relief?” (Dec. 24, 2021): Why is it that one rarely, if at all, hears not a single word regarding the bloated, unconscionable, over-the-top salaries that the educational industry pays their tenured professors? How ’bout the debt forgiveness be forgiven by the debtor? In addition, it’s infuriating to hear how huge the endowments of some institutions of higher learning are. One thing is for sure: If we begin using tax dollars to forgive student debt, what do you think will happen to tuitions?

Victor Velelli

Slanesville, W. Va.

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