Letters to the editor: Jan. 22


Those who live in glass houses…

The hypocrisy and double standard of the political left is on full display in Sen. Ben Cardin’s opinion piece (“We can no longer be a haven of hate,” Jan. 15).

The righteous indignation of Cardin and the political left was absent when their supporters were rioting and burning government buildings, police precincts and innocent businesses, not to mention taking over whole swaths of cities. This was labeled as “mostly peaceful protests.” The deaths, injuries and damage were several factors larger but not condemned by Cardin or his cohorts. Nor did we hear from him on the blatant anti-Semitism coming from the so-called “Squad” and others on the political or progressive left. There was plenty of hate being spewed by those encouraging the riots and in many other corners of the left, but there was silence by the left-leaning politicians.

How can Cardin justify the attempted (and actual) silencing of all those who disagree with the left to continue their campaign of hate against Trump and his supporters? The political right has condemned and spoken out against all hate speech and violence, whether from the political left or right. Sen Cardin, you don’t want to be a haven of hate? Then clean up your own party first before casting stones elsewhere.

Sonny Taragin


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