Letters to the editor: Jan. 29


Absolutely in awe

With the personal tragedy that has impacted the life of Rep. Jamie Raskin and his family, I cannot even fathom the pain they are feeling (“Q&A with Jamie Raskin, lead manager for the impeachment trial,” Jan. 22). Then, with the Capitol insurrection, Mr. Raskin’s fear for his daughter and son-in-law is frightening. To take on more responsibility at this most difficult time is awe-inspiring. I only wish the best for Mr. Raskin and his family. May his beloved son Tommy now be at peace.

Lana Fink



The far right is the bigger threat

First, let me be clear that I abhor violence by any ideology (“Those who live in glass houses…,” Jan. 22). Second, let’s also acknowledge that it was white supremacists waving banners with a single name on them who attempted to overturn the results of a legitimate election through the use of violence. But incredibly some people don’t want to see what is staring them in the face. The Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Anti-Defamation League, Trump’s Department of Homeland Security and more have statistics showing that, though left-wing violence exists, white supremacy is by far the biggest source of domestic terrorism. Black Lives Matter responds violently at times as in Charlottesville and Portland, but the key word there is “responds.” Yet the myth persists that left-wing violence is our greatest domestic concern. Given the alleged left-wing bias of our mainstream media, one wonders how people could possibly believe that.

Sidney Chernick


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