Letters to the editor: Jan. 8, 2021


We’ve grown even more

The members of Covenant Guild were thrilled to see that the article on our knitting project was included in “Our most-read stories from 2020” (Dec. 25, 2020).

There is an update to the number of baby caps that have been knitted, as well of the number of hospitals receiving these precious hats. As of our last delivery, over 2,000 hats were donated to four area hospitals. We have over 20 knitters that include not only our members, but also other women in the area that wanted to be part of this project. The nurses in the mother-baby units are so excited upon receiving these hats, since there is always a need. During this pandemic, Covenant Guild has realized that this project has served two important issues: to provide beautiful warm caps for the newborns as well as keep our knitters creative and busy. For almost 75 years our mission of “Loving, Caring, Giving and Sharing” has continued to give us the motivation to continue to help the community.

Lois Balser

Covenant Guild past president

Incorrect analysis

I read the Dec. 4, 2020, editorial in your weekly with interest (“Biden’s first picks”). Unfortunately, though interesting, your analysis was incorrect. What I think was off base was your deprecation regarding the skills of former Secretary of State John Kerry.

First, the editorial criticized him because he was unable to negotiate a peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians. As I peruse the diplomatic history, it seems that no one has been very successful with that particular impossible brief.

The editorial next criticizes Kerry on the issue of the nuclear treaty with Iran. It is true that the treaty had problems. However, the treaty kept Iran from going nuclear. With President Donald Trump canceling the treaty, Iran is closer to a nuclear breakout. So, pick your poison: a non-nuclear Iran or Iran getting the “biggie.”

Joseph Marcus


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