Letters to the Editor: January 13


Deli was a hallmark in Boston area for decades
Rubin’s final location was at 500 Harvard St. in Brookline, Mass., on the same plot where my father had his cabinetmaking shop in the mid-1960s (Opinion, “I’m a Jewish historian, and my grandparents ran a deli. Maybe we’re in the same business,” Dec. 9). My sister also worked there in the early 2000.

Rubin’s was an excellent restaurant and truly a Boston hallmark for decades. Its demise saddened me, as it marked the end of a particular phase in Jewish life in Boston. Rubin’s came long before me, but now it is gone.

Reuven Brauner, Ra’anana, Israel
(originally from Boston and Brookline)

It’s really fun to make up words for melodies
Allen, I’m so proud of you (Move over, Adam Sandler: Allan Posner’s got some snazzy new Chanukah tunes,” Dec. 23). It really is fun to make up words for melodies. Where can we hear these songs?

May all your dreams come true!

Edy Bondroff, Owings Mills

Great profile of an awesome colleague
Great profile of an awesome colleague (“You Should Know … Tyler Scheff, Dec. 30)!

Mindy Jane via Facebook

Kids are lucky to have her
Danielle Frye (You Should Know … Danielle Frye, Jan. 6) is one spectacular woman!
She is so into her “teaching life” that the children and families at the Stoler Early Learning Center at the Rosenbloom Owings Mills JCC are lucky to have her.

Fred Ashendorf, Sarasota, Fla.

Students are the future
The Stoler Early Learning Center at the Rosenbloom Jewish Community Center, children, parents and the rest of us are lucky and blessed to have Dani Frye as a teacher (You Should Know … Danielle Frye, Jan. 6). Teachers spend so many hours with their students, which affects their confidence, self-esteem, behavior, social skills and learning in general.
In my experience as an early-childhood, special-education and reading teacher before I retired, I worked with many wonderful “master” teachers. However, not many have also been “magical” as well.

Thank you for interviewing Dani. Teachers like her should be put on pedestals more often. They are an inspiration.

After all, their students are the future.

Norma Kaminsky, Jupiter, Fla. (originally from Baltimore)

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