Letters to the Editor: January 27


Where Was He During the Years of Ongoing Abuse?
It’s great that Pope Benedict XVI had deep respect for Judaism, but where was his deep respect for those thousands upon thousands of children who were sexually abused (Opinions, “The Pope Benedict I Knew: A Keeper of His Faith With Deep Respect for Judaism,” Jan. 13)?

When he was archbishop in Germany, he mishandled four cases of abuse.

When he resigned as pope, he left hundreds of bishops who were culpable in power and the secrecy of abuse intact.

Parishioners: The only way to continue to hold the Catholic Church responsible for the insidious abuse is to stop giving the church money.
Lana Fink, Reisterstown

Correction in the Spelling of Siena, Italy
Having been there at least a dozen times, including a visit to the Palio in August 1994, I wish to point out a spelling error in a caption in the Jan. 20 issue. Under the picture of the dolls on Page 17, the Italian city referred to is Siena, not Sienna (Feature Story, “U.N. Exhibit Remembers” When the World Turned Its Back on Stateless Jewish Refugees).

The Palio is a horse race that goes back several hundred years with horses representing different zones of the city. The traditional dates are July 2 and Aug. 16 each year.
Larry Wilder, DDS, Baltimore

A Gift to the Community
Cantor George [Henschel] is a real gift to the community (Synagogue Spotlight, “Kol HaLev Cantor Takes ‘Voices of the Heart’ … to Heart,” Jan. 13)!
Marty Katz, Perry Hall

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