Letters to the editor: June 3


Standing with the oppressed

We as Jews must stand on the side of truth (“Where do Jews fit into critical race theory?” May 20). There are people in this country, as we know, who would like to teach slavery as a reasonable institution. Would we want the Holocaust to be taught as something reasonable? We are at the point as Jews where we must stand up to political organizations who legitimize hate and “replacement theory.” Many of those people are running for office as Republicans. Don’t be fooled into believing they are our friends. It is very important that as Jews we stand with the oppressed. It is not that long ago that we were the scapegoat and the oppressed. If the far-right Republican Party is allowed in our House, it will happen again.

Barbara Klein


A touching story

I just have to comment on “The legacy of Private Belmont” (May 27). Thank you to Sasha Rogelberg for covering the story, and thank you to the Jewish Times for printing it. The story really touched me, especially as the daughter of a World War II veteran (survivor). Kudos to the people at Operation Benjamin for the impactful work they are doing to right the wrong of the mismarked graves. I hope they are able to finish their mission one day, and I wish all the descendants of those soldiers some type of closure and peace.

Diane Gensler

Owings Mills

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