Letters to the editor: March 12


‘Saturday Night Live’ errs

It is reassuring that there were so many signatures on the AJC petition to NBC concerning the recent anti-Semitic remark made on “Saturday Night Live” about the Israeli vaccinations and the Palestinians (“American Jewish Committee wants ‘Saturday Night Live’ to apologize,” Feb. 26).

On a previous SNL episode, the cast mocked the QAnon theory that Jewish space lasers caused the California wildfires; I was dumbstruck. For me and for many Jews, just putting that out there, even as a joke, even though it is fiction, invites repetition and feeds the minds of anti-Semitic people. It adds fuel to their fire and food to their fodder.

How is anti-Semitic rhetoric perpetuated? These seemingly funny moments are prime examples, especially since no one can control how jokes are spread or are interpreted.

As a show of good faith and as a public apology, maybe SNL should ask Deborah Lipstadt to be a guest?

Susan Silberman



Worry about criminals, not the police

Del. Jon S. Cardin sleeps well at night, not because of some unfounded fear that someone will come knocking on his door, but because he lives in a very safe area protected by a very good police department (“Let us sleep without fear,” Feb. 26).

To take the subject of the search warrant’s word that Breonna Taylor was not involved in any of his illegal activities is laughable at best. Every criminal says that he (or she) didn’t do it. There are tools in place to protect society, and people like Del. Cardin seem to be working to weaken these tools. The next knock at his door might be from a criminal trying to break into his home, not a police officer. I think he had better worry about that, more than worrying about it being the police. For years the Republicans in the House and the Senate have been trying to put harsher laws on the books for weapons used in the commission of a crime. Funny that Cardin and his party vote them down.

Stuart Tamres


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