Letters to The Editor: March 13, 2020


Take the Crumbs

Discussions between Arabs and Israelis like the one between Bar Galin and Rowan Odeh are fine (“‘A Wall Between Us’: Israeli-Palestinian Event Creates Dialogue,” March 6), but the problem is that the Palestinian lady, Ms. Odeh, like many other Palestinian Arabs, refuses to acknowledge defeat in wars in 1948 and 1967 and their
subsequent weak position.

The longer they continue their “struggle,” the more they wallow in bitterness and self pity, belittling every effort to end the conflict with the Jewish state, the worse the Palestinian Arab position becomes. In 1967, Israel’s population was 2,700,000 with no Jews in the “West Bank” and Golan; now it is over 9,000,000 with over 700,000 Jewish people in Judea, Samaria, eastern Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights. Hundreds of useless U.N. resolutions and sympathetic words from Western, Communist, and Third World supporters have not altered these facts on the ground.

Rather than complain about Israel “giving us crumbs” as Ms. Odeh claims, Palestinian Arabs should negotiate a settlement with a Jewish state still willing to do so. Right now they have little, so what Ms. Odeh calls “crumbs” may not be so bad. Time continues to be on Israel’s side and soon today’s “crumbs” will look like a feast.

We Jews are a persistent people with a long historical memory. It would behoove Palestinian Arab leaders to end their “struggle” against Israel and adopt a policy of live and let live in the Middle East. Boundaries, refugees (on both sides), and other issues can be negotiated and settled. Palestinian Arabs and the entire world would be pleasantly surprised at how generous a nonthreatened Israel can be to its former enemies.

Jerry Levin


Let’s Think About the Victim

This is an outrage (“Roman Polanski Wins French Oscar Amid #MeToo Protests,” The Seen, March 6).

He was charged in 1977 with rape and drugging a 13-year-old. He pled guilty to a lesser charge of unlawful sex. Let’s be clear: This was a rape. The lesser charge allowed him to stay out of jail, because he was a rich Hollywood type. Because of this, he was able to flee the country, coward that he is.

It is horrible that he and his family were in a concentration camp. Was this article trying to get sympathy for him, because of his past?

Doesn’t matter what his history was. He raped a child, whose life was changed.

Let’s think about the victim for a change, not the victimizer.

Lana Fink


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