Letters to the editor: March 18


Biden panders to the left

After being elected over a whole year ago by many radical left-leaning voters and politicians, President Joe Biden doesn’t have much to show for it (“Biden leans center,” March 11). Not only has his significant domestic agenda not been successfully passed, but his international record has frankly been embarrassing. Fleeing from Afghanistan just to name one, which resulted in turning our backs on countless Afghans who worked alongside Americans, alongside freedom, and were left to fend for themselves and their families.

Last week’s editorial on the State of the Union remarked, “And we hope that the speech signals the beginning of a focused effort to work across the aisle to address important issues that both parties can support.” What happened to this promise, this approach for the last year? Biden has not reached across the aisle in the spirit of doing the people’s work. No, he has pandered to the base, to those to the left of base and doesn’t have much to show for it. Maybe the last three years of his presidency will prove different.

Sheila Schwartz



Ukraine’s inconvenient truth

The opinion piece “The Ukrainian refugee crisis and its dire consequences” (March 11) is by no means the first piece in the news to put the Ukrainian Jewish president on a pedestal of freedom, the Ukrainian people as the current persona of good in they world, of freedom in the world. In fact, “Ukraine is one of the shining lights.”

While the truth is sometimes inconvenient, the UN Watch website noted that Ukraine either voted against Israel or abstained during every single resolution against Israel over the last two years. That likely wouldn’t play well in front of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. I pray for peace just like the next person, but how easily the world forgets that Ukrainians were worse than the Nazis to our ancestors just a few decades ago. More brutal. More violent. More antisemitic. Let’s pause and think about that history.

Seth Cohen


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