Letters to the editor: March 25


Admiration for Zelensky

What a remarkable, enthusiastic, brave, courageous leader we have in this man (“Zelensky’s inspiring leadership,” March 18). I am a proud Jewish American who prays for the nation of Ukraine and its leader. When Volodymyr Zelensky stood up to Donald Trump and was not intimidated as have been so many others, I knew then he was someone to behold and watch grow. He has not in any way disappointed. Zelensky is a born leader. May he continue to have the strength to fight for his people. The world is on your side, sir.

Lana Fink



Purim and Ukraine

The Jewish Times issue preceding Purim (March 11) carried great articles on Purim and the Ukraine crisis. What was missed is the relevance the two events have to one another.

With few Jews and no shuls in Sharpsburg, the Shabbos preceding Purim — Shabbat Zachor — I did not hear the biblically commanded reading of Parshat Zachor, remembering Amalek’s ambush of the Jews escaping Egypt — attacking the “weaklings … when you were faint and exhausted…” But I did read it in my Chumash, also reading The Wall Street Journal’s and Washington Post’s accounts of Vladimir Putin’s treacherous attacks on Ukraine’s civilian population. Putin is the modern-day Amalek. However, the parshah gives us hope that “…G-d gives you rest from all your enemies around…”

Theodore Levin


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