Letters to the Editor: March 31


What the PA Can Do
Your editorial urged, “If the Palestinian Authority genuinely wants peace it needs to do everything in its power to stop terror activity rather than reward it” (“Progeny of the Taylor Force Act,” March 17).

Here are a few steps that the PA could take:

— Arrest terrorists. The PA has a large security force, trained and armed by the United States. The only reason Israel sometimes has to send its soldiers into PA cities to capture terrorists is because the PA refuses to do the job itself.

— Outlaw terrorist groups. PA President Mahmoud Abbas can do this with one stroke of his pen. Isn’t it incredible that after all these years, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad — the terrorist group that murdered my daughter Alisa in 1995 — are still perfectly legal in PA territory?

— Extradite terrorists to Israel. The Oslo Accords require the PA to honor Israel’s extradition requests. The Israelis have formally asked for dozens of extraditions, yet the PA doesn’t honor them.

Is it any wonder most Israelis doubt that the PA is genuinely interested in peace?
Stephen M. Flatow
Long Branch, N.J.

Comments from social media
In response to “Baltimore Jewish Community Supports Kosher Restaurant Worker After Stroke” (March 24):
I have fond memories of working as a teenager with Martha, her sister Mary and brother Izell at the Knish Shop in the 1990s.
Sarah Topper Cook

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