Letters to the editor: March 5


Kudos to the Baltimore Jewish Times

When I was in elementary school, Friday was a special day at our house. It was a day my family looked forward to. Why was Friday so special? The answer is that was the day we received our copy of the Jewish Times. Yes, we anxiously waited for the mail carrier to place this magazine in our mailbox. Once it arrived, we would spend hours reading the articles, and, of course, seeing the engagement, wedding and birth announcements was so special.

The magazine was loaded with many, many pages, and it was a big publication. Nowadays, the Baltimore Jewish Times may not be that same size, but it still has the same appeal to me.

A reader needs to look for quality, and not quantity. Yes, the Jewish Times is more condensed, but it is well written, articles are articulate and informative, there is a good balance of content, and there is a well-rounded list of topics.

Many magazines are going out of print. The Jewish Times reminds us why we love this magazine in the first place. I am approaching the age of 70 on my next birthday, and I just want to thank the Baltimore Jewish Times for being there in good times and bad for our Jewish community since I was a young child.

This magazine has some of the greatest minds. The Baltimore Jewish Times has always been a class act in itself, and I just want to say thank you!

Phyllis Lewkowicz

Owings Mills


More perspective on anti-Semitism

When I read the letter from Joseph Marcus (“What about the anti-Semitism on the right?” Feb. 19), my emotions ranged from anger to frustration. He uses the comments that Donald Trump made about Charlottesville as his foundation for his argument. Problem was he only used a small portion of what Trump said. It is sad that the editor allowed this.

I grew up in a small town, a member of the only Jewish family in the town. I suffered from the white supremacists, and I despise them. Things happened to me that still wake me up at night. I cannot bring myself to tell my wife, children or grandchildren about these events. I fear the left-wing anti-Semitism more than I do the right-wing nuts. The people in Congress and the college professors who preach anti-Israel, which is just code for anti-Jewish, are far more dangerous to the Jewish people. The right-wing fringe is not respected by the rest of the country. Yes, they are capable of violent acts, but they do not have the power to sway public opinion. The left-wing college professors and elected officials do have the power to sway public opinion. Just think, what would happen if a Jewish or Caucasian comedian made an anti-Black joke on “SNL”?

Harold R. Mendelson

Owings Mills


Too little, too late

Nikki Haley is trying to play both sides of the Republican Party (“Could Nikki Haley be a Jewish GOP favorite in 2024?” Feb. 19). Yes, her fighting anti-Israel policy will sit well with some Jews if she runs in 2024. My Jewish neighbors, please don’t make this a one-issue election in 2024. She liked Donald Trump’s policies, which, according to her, made America safer and stronger. Really? We are a country filled with hate against Asians, Muslims, Jews, Blacks and on and on. We are not stronger in the eyes of the world. This is something President Joe Biden will work on fixing during his tenure. Beware of her coming out against Trump after his election loss shenanigans. She is another one who came to the party too little too late.

Lana Fink


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