Letters to the editor: May 13


Twitter hypocrisy

The hypocrisy of the Jewish Times and other left-wing political media is in full view as they panic over the possibility that opinions that differ from their own may now have a voice on Twitter (“Elon Musk’s Twitter,” May 6). The mainstream media had no problem with the hate speech and antisemitism/anti-Israel speech that Twitter allowed as long it was from left-wing sources. Similarly, they were quite happy that so-called disinformation (defined as any opinion that differed from their own) was banned. For example, no one on the left had an issue with the fact that the comments on the Steele Dossier (proven to be fake) were allowed while comments about Hunter Biden’s laptop (proven to be true) were not allowed during the height of the 2020 presidential election. Bottom line: All these left-wing concerns about “hate speech” under Musk’s Twitter is a smoke-screen for their real concerns about free speech actually applying to both sides of the political spectrum. I remember a time when media outlets promoted free speech rather than railed against it.

Sonny Taragin



Online comments


Regarding “Twitter and the Jews,” May 6: Interesting article that raises pertinent questions pertaining to freedom of speech liberties and censorship of prejudice and bias. Unlike social media platforms, not sure there are administrators, scrutiny or vigilance of those live “public squares,” unlike the written word, gone once spoken. Not to say that oratorical expression does not have an impact, as it certainly does.

Fay Kaufman


Regarding “Rabbi Chai Posner settles into a position that is joyfully beshert,” April 29: That’s my rabbi. An open-tent shul led by an open-hearted rabbi. Glad to be a member of the Beth Tfiloh family.

Sheri Knauth

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