Letters to the Editor: May 22


Unsure What to Believe

What a dilemma I find myself in (“Biden and #MeToo,” May 8).

I believe in believing women. I also like Joe Biden.
He appears to be an honest, sincere, caring, empathetic human being who cares deeply about this country.

My question is this. Why did Tara Reade come forward now, when Biden will be the nominee?

I am not sure what to believe. I only know one thing for sure. I have to do everything in my power to get DJT out of office.

From Lana Fink, Reisterstown


#Hypocrisy and #DoubleStandard

The Jewish Times, although with a bit more dignity (“Biden and #MeToo,” May 8), is a participant in the unapologetic pivot of the Democratic Party and its mostly sycophantic media cohorts from #BelieveTheWoman when the accused is Republican (i.e., Brett Kavanaugh) to #InnocentUntilProvenGuilty when the accused is Democratic (i.e., Joe Biden).

I don’t recall the Jewish Times proposing “a framework for…an even-handed, open-minded” review when Kavanaugh was the accused. Intelligent observers of this pivot should recognize #Hypocrisy and #DoubleStandard!

As an aside, one might also ask the Jewish Times, what in this editorial is specifically of Jewish interest, particularly with everything else going on in our community.

From Sonny Taragin, Baltimore

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