Letters to the editor: May 7


A serious mental health problem

Regarding “The Gun Problem” (April 30):

Mass shootings of victims varying from young schoolchildren to Asian Americans and Jews is symptomatic of a nation with a serious mental health problem. Addressing how we respond to massive changes in our lives and our nation through discussion and compromise, rather than my way or the highway, will go a long way in our search for common-sense gun laws.

Barry Dwork

Alexandria, Va.


A contemporary query on Torah

I enjoyed the article by Rabbi Michael Rothbaum (“If rabbis can’t talk about public policy, what’s the point of Torah?” April 30). I think he is on solid ground about integrating the Torah’s command to be holy and to instill holiness in all parts of our lives. I do have one question though. The little bio at the end of the article mentions the rabbi and his husband. How does one reconcile this strong commitment to holiness with the Torah’s prohibition against homosexuality?

Mike Caplan


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