Letters to the editor: Nov. 12


Abraham Accords are ‘Much Ado About Nothing’

I read a recent editorial in the Baltimore Jewish Times in which your periodical waxed poetic regarding the Abraham Accords (“Bahrain’s charm offensive,” Oct. 15). To refresh everyone’s memory for readers who have an interest in such matters, the above-mentioned accords were negotiated to a great extent by Jared Kushner. Kushner negotiated these accords with the extremely pliant Netanyahu government and some sheikdoms in the Persian Gulf.

The more I think of it, the Abraham Accords are rather foolish. Israel has serious geopolitical issues facing her constantly. However, again, Israel has no diplomatic, political or military problems with any of those Gulf States. So why codify nothing? To prove my point further, Israel has had many wars since 1948 with a number of Arab states but not with any of the sheikdoms in the Gulf.

What I see, however, is a consensus. This consensus consists of right-center periodicals, plus people and thinkers on the political right, who think that the Abraham Accords are a seminal event. Maybe I am missing something about the Abraham Accords, but I rather doubt it. I think that the great Bard of Avon summed it up correctly: “Much Ado About Nothing.” Indeed!

Joseph Marcus



Here’s the real issue

Jeff Knisbacher’s letter (“Let’s discuss the real issues,” Oct. 29) discusses everything except the actual real issue, which is the imminent threat to democracy in America. Yes, there are policies that need to be addressed. That said, no matter what policies are being discussed, none of them are important compared to the current damage and threat to our democratic way of life. Former President Donald Trump did not originate the current polarization of America, but he accelerated it with his vile and hateful utterances, his complete lack of empathy, his concern only for himself rather than anything or anyone else, his admiration for autocrats and self-expressed wish to be president for life if he could. These are not mere “imperfections.” He is leading a large minority cult, which is being enabled by his cowardly Republican sycophants in Congress.

Jan. 6 was only the first of what I fear will be many fascistic events in our future, especially if Trump is reelected and his party regains control of Congress. He has shown that there is nothing he will stop at to regain power, continuing to spread the Big Lie, which has destroyed the credibility of elections for nearly half of all Americans, and encouraging voter suppression laws in several states, which target Democratic voters. Great conservatives like Ronald Reagan and William F. Buckley Jr. are surely turning in their graves.

Melvin Moschel

Owings Mills

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