Letters to the editor: Nov. 19


Caring more for caregivers

In Maryland, there are 110,000 individuals ages 65 and older living with dementia and 238,000 caregivers who provide 364,000,000 hours of unpaid care, according to the Alzheimer’s Association for 2020 (“Dennis Myers pushes forward through Alzheimer’s with support,” Oct. 29). As a former caregiver, I can attest to the toll that caregiving takes. Throughout the journey, there is social isolation as well as depression, not to mention family dynamics to deal with.

Is our Jewish community or the greater community in a position to help? To some extent, yes. The Soul Center at Beth El Congregation of Baltimore, under the guidance of Sarah Shapiro, and the Jewish Community Services, under the guidance of Rachel Brodsky, run excellent caregiver support groups, as does the Alzheimer’s Association, under the direction of Yolanda Wright.

However, the community needs more. We need to turn our community into a dementia-friendly community where the family is welcome. Also, there needs to be more quality adult daycare centers and respite care facilities. The caregiver cannot do it alone. We as a caring community need to help.

Ben Dubin

Baltimore County

Is Iran ‘Much Ado About Nothing’?

Letter writer Joseph Marcus has an obvious animus toward Jared Kushner and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which is his right (“Abraham Accords are ‘Much Ado About Nothing,’” Nov. 12). However, for most Israelis, the threat of Iranian terror is not “Much Ado About Nothing.” Last week, because of the Abraham Accords, it was announced that for the first time the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain would join Israel and the United States in a joint naval drill on the Red Sea to ensure maritime service in the face of Iranian aggression. Israel assuredly does not view the Iranian threat as “Much Ado About Nothing,” and Israel appreciates this initial naval cooperation by the UAE and Bahrain against Iran.

Richard Sherman

Margate, Fla.

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