Letters to the editor: Nov. 20, 2020


Trump trumps Biden

In response to the editorial, “A time for healing” (Nov. 13): Joe Biden and Donald Trump are different in many ways. Biden speaks in a more presidential manner than Trump. That’s true. However, while many objected to his style, Trump singularly did the things he said he would do. From reducing unemployment and improving income, to supporting Israel, to bringing back manufacturing, to controlling illegal immigration and much more. Biden, on the other hand, has already started on the wrong foot. While claiming his intention to be president for all (blue and red), he also stated he would repeal Trump’s executive actions in many areas, including tax cuts, reinstating the Iran “deal” and much more. Thus, without even any due consideration or review, he is fine with harming many (if not most) Americans and contradicting his very words.

Sonny Taragin

Obama and Biden did good for Israel

The letter to the editor, “Not accurate” of Oct. 2, misses the mark in a number of areas. In calling the Obama-Biden administration “among, if not actually, the worst” presidential administration as far as support for Israel goes, the letter overlooks the fact that the Obama-Biden administration provided more military aid to Israel than any other administration before by signing a $38 billion military aid bill in 2016. It also doesn’t mention that the Obama-Biden administration helped Israel construct the Iron Dome anti-missile system that has helped Israel fend off missiles from Hamas. As far as the complaint that Obama did not veto the U.N. Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank, the letter neglects to mention that this came after the proliferation of housing construction in both legal and illegal settlements that began after Trump’s election victory in November 2016. Finally, while one could argue the merits of the Iran nuclear deal, especially its failure to put limits on Iranian missiles, the fact of the matter is that following the Trump administration’s departure from the agreement, Iran is now closer to acquiring a nuclear weapon than ever before.

Dr. Robert O. Freedman
Johns Hopkins University

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