Letters to the editor: Nov. 26

Can’t deny the success
The Abraham Accords are a monumental breakthrough in the 73-year conflict between the Islamic world and Israel (“Abraham Accords are ‘Much Ado About Nothing,’” Nov. 12). One after another, Arab states are making peace with Israel. These countries are opening embassies in Israel, reciprocated by proud Israelis in the capital cities of these countries. Trade is accelerating. Peace is at hand. This is very difficult for anti-Trump Jews to accept because it would require congratulating the ex-president for enabling this achievement. Here is some advice for Jewish anti-Trumpers: It’s OK to give former President Donald Trump credit for advancing peace, there are plenty of other issues with which to cudgel him.
Larry Shapiro
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Support local businesses
I looked at your Chanukah gift guide in last week’s issue, and it makes me sad that your suggestions did not support local businesses and artisans (“2021 Chanukah gift guide,” Nov. 19). We have a wealth of talented people making beautiful gifts in Baltimore. I would have loved to see you highlight those, rather than stuff to buy on Amazon.
Carol Hyman
Federal Hill, Baltimore City
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  1. reading your piece on rubashkins release i felt utter disgust for you and your paper , its platforms like this that help to destroy good people like r shlom rabashkin and the wonderful community he built , its self hating Jews like your selves that do more destruction than the anti-Semites and feds in government ,maybe if you read his side of the story …….. just maybe you might see the truth ……..


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