Letters to the editor: Nov. 27


Terrible for the country

You like Joe Biden for president (“Jewish Baltimore reacts to presidential election,” Nov. 13). Consider this: He wants a two-state solution for Israel, which would mean that Israel would lose a lot of its sovereign land. Unacceptable. He also wants to eliminate the 2017 tax cuts and raise taxes even more. Unacceptable. He also wants to rejoin the Paris Accords. Terrible for the U.S.

Trump, on the other hand, reduced taxes for all Americans, reduced unemployment, fought terrorism, moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem (the law for which passed years ago), improved the economy and continued building the southern wall to keep terrorists and criminals out of the U.S. He also improved benefits for veterans and increased our manufacturing base. He also eliminated the individual mandate from the Affordable Care Act.

Elliott Lehem



Biden whomps Trump

First, let’s state the obvious: Biden whomped Trump by over six million votes (“Trump trumps Biden,” Nov. 20). That means he has a mandate. He gets to make big decisions. And I believe that he is getting off on exactly the right foot. Many of Trump’s executive orders did great damage, particularly to the environment. They need to be repealed. The tax cuts were a gift to corporations, did not much help anybody else and added enormously to our national debt. They need to be reimagined. Finally, leaving the Iran nuclear deal left Iran free to resume its nuclear program, a great threat to Israel. And it also earned distrust from our partners in that agreement, France, England and Germany in particular. Sorry, but this is not “harming many (if not most) Americans.” Actually, taking actions such as these is why most Americans voted for him.

Sidney Chernick


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