Letters to the editor: Nov. 5


Add the Unite the Right rally to the list

Surely to be added to Jeff Knisbacher’s list of former President Donald Trump’s “important accomplishments” is the August 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va., featuring chants of “Jews will not replace us” (“Let’s discuss the real issues,” Oct. 29). Giving credit where credit is due, white supremacist leader Richard Spencer told The Atlantic that “there is no question that Charlottesville wouldn’t have occurred without Trump” becoming president, that the “alt-right found something in Trump” who “changed the paradigm and made this kind of public presence of the alt-right possible.”

According to former ADL National Director Abraham Foxman in Ha’aretz, the anger, hatred that has “happened in our country, Trump did not create it. Trump released it – it has always been there. What we have achieved in the past few years is to keep it in the sewer with the cover on. … He made it OK to take the sewer cover off. But he didn’t create [hate]. He’s an opportunist.”

Does anyone seriously doubt that if Hillary Clinton had won the electoral college as well as the popular vote and served as the 45th president of the United States, the sewer cover would have remained firmly in place?

Roy Amadeus



Chickens have come to roost

While it is refreshing to occasionally see the editorial staff call out our House progressives for who they really are, is anyone who voted for the Blue Wave surprised at the state of affairs? “The dark shadow of Sunrise DC” in the Oct. 29 issue calls out members of Congress for their obvious antisemitic ideals, and mainstream liberal-run Jewish organizations for being silent. But is anyone really surprised?

Support for those representatives — or better said opposition to anyone who was against them — for four years got us in this position in the first place. Apparently being anti-Iranian extremism was too much, anti-putting America first was too much, anti-letting illegal aliens flood the border was too much. But now being antisemitic, excuse me anti-Israel, is actually too much. Maybe the editorial staff and general readership should contemplate how we got here in the first place.

Seth Cohen


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