Letters to the editor: Oct. 2, 2020


You’ve got to vote

We should remember Richard Nixon, who on the eve of his election, said that his opponent was not telling the truth. Richard Nixon got elected, but was found, later, to be the one doing things that were not “kosher.” When we read books and newspaper articles about Donald Trump, who has repeatedly shouted and tweeted, “fake news,” we learn who, really, was dishing out fake news (“Here’s why I’m one of the many Orthodox Jews who supports President Trump,” Sept. 4).

We need to look at the whole picture, and ask ourselves, what is going to impact us directly?

Donald Trump has not been wearing a mask since COVID. At his latest rally, no one was wearing a mask, and seats were close together. No social distancing. Not a good role model.

Mr. Trump gave a minimal amount of money to people who became unemployed because of COVID, and then cut that amount in half. Not adequate.

He has turned his back on information from experts describing ways we can eliminate horrors we’re seeing now because of climate change.

He has denied facts that infectious disease doctors have given him.

So, please, read as many books and newspaper articles as you can to get a total scope of problems to be solved.

With the election coming up, please contact the League of Women Voters to receive information about the politicians’ interests. Please update voter information, now. Moved since the last election? Contact Maryland State Board of Elections. Changed party affiliation? Update. Request mail-in ballot now, and don’t forget to put on your calendar, two weeks before the deadline, to mail your ballot and sign it!

~ Lynne Selznick, Baltimore

Not accurate

Two letters in the Sept. 25 issue contain inaccurate or misleading information.

In Herta Baitch’s letter (“A plea for the Jewish vote”), while it may be true that the American government, in general, has supported Israel, not all presidential administrations have, to the detriment of Israel. In fact, Obama/Biden were among, if not actually, the worst. Two examples: They became the first U.S. administration not to veto a biased UN anti-Israel vote and their implementation of the awful Iranian deal against Israel’s strong protests.

Wendy Rosen’s letter propagates the leftist media’s false narrative regarding President Trump’s statement about good people on both sides. In fact, after strongly condemning white supremacy and violence of any sort, Trump was referring instead to the two sides of the actual protest, which was about removing or leaving alone statues of controversial American heroes of the past.

~ Sonny Taragin, Mt. Washington


  1. As a mask-wearing Jew, I want to try to understand why so many of the Orthodox Jews refuse to wear a mask. Do they not understand how selfish that is? I see groups of family members walking around – no one is masked. Please tell me why.


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