Letters to the Editor: Oct. 20


No More Fighting Each Other

I recently warned that disunity in Israel and hatred will cause a catastrophe (“Invincibility Shattered,” Oct. 13). Israel was too busy fighting politics and took the eye off the ball. May this never, ever happen again.

I have been becoming more and more concerned about the personal attacks and character assassination occurring on Facebook. The entire world is seeing this. We need to realize that the neo-Nazis and antisemites are having a field day watching Jew fight Jew. We are not only Democrats and Republicans, we are Americans. We are told that both temples were destroyed because of sinat chinum, hatred of each other. If you dislike our president, vote him out. If you like him, help to get him reelected. All this hated on the internet will not accomplish either. It has truly gotten out of hand. If someone attacks you with horrible comments, delete them, instead of having an ongoing tread of insults.

My students ask me, “Can the Holocaust happen again?” My answer is a definite “yes.” A number of atomic bombs thrown at Israel by its enemies would annihilate the Israeli population. One is naive to believe that antisemitism does not exist throughout the world. If we have learned anything from the Shoah, it is that it is possible for a madman to arise who wants to annihilate the Jewish people. Never fool yourself into believing that you are safe anywhere. We must always be alert and fight against prejudice wherever it may exist.

Rabbi Bernhard Rosenberg

Edison, New Jersey

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