Letters to the editor: Oct. 29

Let’s discuss the real issues
Michael Gelman not only has it wrong on the “hidden” dangers to our democracy but can only repeat the Democrat tropes on former President Donald Trump and refuses to discuss the real issues (“The hidden dangers to our democracy,” Oct. 8). I am an Independent, not a Republican, and, while recognizing Trump’s many imperfections, cannot but be impressed by his far more important accomplishments. To wit: essentially ending the flood of illegal immigrants, renegotiating unfavorable trade deals, virtually destroying ISIS, scrapping the disastrous Iran nuclear deal, challenging China’s cheating economic policies, finally getting us energy independence, moving our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem (as promised by previous feckless administrations), actually making peace in the Middle East a much less remote possibility through the Abraham Accords, and, most of all, providing the leadership that got us the life-saving COVID-19 vaccines in record time.
Contrast all of that to the dismal failure of the Biden administration in almost every area: killing the Keystone pipeline (and with it our energy independence) while begging the Saudis to increase their oil output, encouraging the unprecedented flood of illegal and unvaccinated immigrants, pandering once again to the Iranians, pretending that the Afghan disaster was a great success and trying to bully all of us with mask mandates and more.
Jeff Knisbacher
Bradenton, Fla.
Our own virtual bar mitzvah experience
I read the article, “Here’s how to involve virtual guests in a hybrid bar or bat mitzvah,” in the Oct. 22 issue of Baltimore Jewish Times with a smile. My grandson, Elijah Sheldon, will celebrate his bar mitzvah on Nov. 20 at a synagogue in Tokyo, Japan. We will attend it virtually. We bought airline tickets early this year in anticipation of this event. However, due to COVID-19, Japan has restricted visits to the country, and we can’t go there.
Eli and his family have been in Japan since May 2020, courtesy of the U.S. Navy where his dad is a naval officer. He has learned his parshah with the help of a tutor, another naval officer located in Okinawa, via Zoom.
Austin Cohen
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