Letters to the editor: Oct. 8


Give Trump his due credit

A bit ironic that the editorial staff ran a column on last year’s Abraham Accords, applauding “the progress and the moves toward normalization” with Israel’s neighbors, yet there is no mention whatsoever of former President Donald Trump, whose leadership made this happen in the first place (“The Abraham Accords a year later,” Sept. 24). The kind of strong leadership that could make something so remote, so unlikely, so brave happen — contrasted with the current scene of utter humiliation and lack of leadership in the Middle East by this administration.

Even more ironic that this piece ran next to a letter titled “Trump at fault in Afghanistan,” including a leading mention of “revisionist history.” Talk about a revisionist history — pot calling the kettle black if I’ve ever heard of such a thing. Perhaps the author and editorial staff, for that matter, should get their facts straight and see the great progress — or lack thereof — in international relations since Sleepy Joe took office.

Seth Cohen


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